Episode 3: Death Appeared, There Was No Door


Roll up! Roll up, for episode 3 of The Bunbury Speaks Podcast.

This time we interviewed the most excellent Rosa Wright and covered a lot.
First and foremost, we spoke about Rosa’s debut one woman show called ‘The Love Calculator’. The link to the event is here:

Tickets are available here, just click on the picture:

It’s so worth going to see because it’s brilliant. You can read our  5 star review of the show here:

To check out more of the wonderful Rosa is and has been involved in in the past, check out her website:

Speaking of other cool things Rosa does, in the podcast we talk to her about an album she released last year so here’s the link to that too!

We also spoke about the wonderful work Rosa does for the Stroke Association charity. If you or someone you care about has been affected by Stroke, here’s the link to this wonderful organisation:

And finally, the Post Apocalyptic Book Group that Rosa is involved in which sounds excellent:

As always the music was by the brilliant Midlane, click on his face below for more!

It was produced by Keri Moriarty for the internet.

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Thank you.

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All that said, we hope you enjoy the podcast.

Happy listening,

Much love,
Team Bunbury

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