Russell Hicks – A Fist Full of Ideas: A Review

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As a general rule, I never review the audience. Purely the act and their material. That way, if the audience is a bit flat or numbers are not great, the performer still gets a fair shout. This goes double when the first ten minutes of a show is continuously interrupted by latecomers.

In the case of Russell Hicks, however, it would be fairer to take these interruptions into consideration as he fed the new energy coming into the room into his own energy for great effect. This was a show where the unexpected kept happening and it did not throw Russell of his stride – he actively revelled in it.

No subject seemed off limits as Russell worked with pretty much audience member, talking to them and putting his chilled but chaotic energy to great use, a super-easy-going performer dripping with a genuine and Californian charm.

Every interaction with the audience was stored away in a great comedic brain and was brought back time and time again. One gets the feeling that this is a show that is different every single day, such is his talent for working with the audience with a sharp and fierce wit.

If you want a show in which you never know what corner you will be turning next, Russell is definitely the comedian for you.

P.S. – Russell, I counted 3-0!

Written by Christopher Moriarty.

Russell Hicks: A Fist Full of Ideas

City Café, 1250

2nd – 26th August 2018

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