Brian O’Toole & Padraig Williams – No Star Review

Brian O’Toole & Padraig Williams: No Star Reviews – 15:00 @ Bar Bados (Venue 32) Aug 4-26th
PBH’s Free Fringe

Bunbury Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Brian O’Toole,
From the off, this was a warm and inclusive show of two halves. The first Comedian, Brian O’Toole, worked the room well, dealing with the very strange heckles with skill and efficiency. O’Toole demonstrates excellent timing and confidence with an intimate crowd. The stories he tells are not only funny but slightly haunting in parts leaving the audience wondering where the show will go next. With some very tongue in cheek descriptions and a wonderful way of putting even the most shy people to get involved and interact while making them feel comfortable, O’Toole really plays to his clear strengths.

Padraig Williams
There is a definite change in pace and style when Williams takes the stage. The tone is more conversational honest and very immersive in nature. A true story teller, Williams paints a completely relatable picture. Brilliantly satirical in parts and deep, biting and sarcastic in others, again, Williams has no problem working the room and overcoming an exceptionally strange heckle (from the same guy may I add) about geese. I also feel compelled to point out that, although many topics are covered, geese has nothing to do with the show at all… In either parts. Not on mention of the word ‘geese’ until this weird heckle. As I said before, it was dealt with beautifully.
Parts of Williams’ section are pretty edgy on occasion but it’s all rounded off and presented well.

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