Captain ‘The Butcher’ Reality – Bunbury Review

Captain ‘The Butcher’ Reality – 15:00 @ The 3 Broomsticks – (Venue 398) Aug 4-13, 15-25th
PBH’s Free Fringe

 Bunbury Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This show is explosive from the start, bursting with energy and full of good natured fun. it is an entirely emersive show with excellent audience participation which not only adds to the show in general but puts all at ease. Packed with charm, it really is very cleverly written, capturing the room early on and holding the onlookers, captivated. Occasionally flirting with slightly naughty humour, the fabulous, bold writing paired with the character of ‘Captain  The Butcher’ Reality truly shows the talent on offer here.
It certainly is one of the most unique ways of presenting poetry we at Bunbury Magazine have seen.
This playful show hits that magic midway point where both the kids and adults are laughing at the same joke but at different things. Did we mention? This show, in our opinion is definitely appropriate for kids of about 7 upwards. It’s one of the many excellent

There is a reason  this charmingly cheeky  show has 5 stars off Bunbury and you have to go see it to find out why. If you don’t you’ll be doing yourself a disservice.

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