The Bunbury Fringe Feature Interview Pack

So we went to Edinburgh, reviewed as many shows as possible in five days, and came back home broken but thoroughly entertained – the standard Fringe experience.

While we were there, we spoke to a lot of performers and handed out one of our unique and handmade interview packs.

If we did not get the chance to see you while we were up there, below is what you would have received (minus the tea-bag: we are working on digital tea-bag transportation technology but it’s a long way off yet). All of the performers we see and review are also invited to complete an interview for our feature. It’s a chance to showcase your work to a wider world once the Fringe has finished. If you would like to get involved, please find all the information you will need below. It’s a simple case of typing up your responses into a word document, whipping it over to and including as much promo material for everything you are involved in as you like – it’s your space, so take advantage.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

Much love,



S – you also would have met Coral. She is sad she didn’t get to meet you. She likes making new friends.

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