Here at Bunbury, as well as showcasing the finest work in all fields of creativity, we like to offer spaces for the finest products and services as well.

Every 2-3 months we will be offering companies the chance to showcase themselves to our entire world-wide audience. There are 20 spaces up for grabs, which will be seen in countries from The United Kingdom to The United States, Brazil to Australia, France to Mexico and every where in between.

As well as all that, as we are exclusively digital, our entire back catalogue is permanently available for our readers so once your advert is in an issue, it is always there for the world to see. Now that is some good coverage!

Below is the pricing structure for the various packages we can offer you.

All spaces for advertising are a standard quarter-page space unless stated.

Silver Package – £200/$315: The space itself. A basic package for great advertising on a budget. The big advantage of advertising in a digital magazine rather then print is the issue will be up on the internet indefinitely.

Gold Package – £300/$473: The space itself plus social media coverage. The advert, once again, will stay in the issue on-line indefinitely. In addition, We will send out one tweet a week for the duration of the issue (2-3 months) about your service. There will also be posts on Facebook and LinkedIn. Great for showcasing your service/product to a large demographic.

Platinum Package – £400/$630: With the ‘Platinum Package’ you will get the space in the issue, social media plugging once a week and a dedicated page on our website. Designed to give you the best possible coverage.

Page Four Special Package – £500/$788: A special full-page at the front of our magazine, right after the contents page. For this package, you get the space, social media coverage and dedicated space on our website. Full and immediate coverage for your product/service.

Additional: We are available to more than one tweet and post on social media for your service, to a maximum of three. For extra posts, please add:

For 1 extra: £10/$15

For 2 extra: £20/$30

For 3 extra: £25/$40 (Best value)

For more information on what we would require from you – graphics, press releases etc. please use the email address below.

Payments are accepted via PayPal. Once payment has been processed, we will begin working on your order. For our details, please contact us via email.

If you have any questions about the services we provide, or to book your space in our exciting magazine, please do not hesitate to contact us on:

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