Just Write Speaks 2018!

There is literally no way to be modest about this. Everybody absolutely CRUSHED IT!
The night started with people pouring through the glass and wooden revolving door of The Old White Lion, Bury. Before we knew it we were faced with over 40 people, expectant and excited for some spoken word of the highest calibre and they were not disappointed.
We began with our first group of  open mic slots which were filled by the following wonderful people:

Paul Jenkins,
Mike Bedigan,
Benjamin Guilfoyle,
Sharon Lowe
Fiona Nuttall

Geoff Bunbury Moriarty's portrait. Geoff Bunbury Moriarty's portrait.

Geoff Bunbury Moriarty's portrait. Geoff Bunbury Moriarty's portrait.

Geoff Bunbury Moriarty's portrait.

There was as always, a wonderfully eclectic display of pieces from all which set the tone for the evening and also sent the audience wild with anticipation for the first of our headliners, the extremely talented Bróccán Tyzack-Carlin.

Geoff Bunbury Moriarty's portrait.

A natural showman, his set was energetic, tenderly written and exceptionally funny with topics ranging from Royal Panto to Pigeons and much more. The entire room erupted with laughter and applause.
He also promises to defiantly come back and perform with us again in the not too distant future. This makes us very happy bunnies indeed.

After that stunning performance, we took a break to prepare for more greatness in the second half which opened with the completely wonderful Danny Murphy which, in his own words, just really likes poems and boy does he write excellence.

Geoff Bunbury Moriarty's portrait.

With humour and jolliness in every word, his set simply burst with cheekiness and fabulously penned pieces with each poem leaving the audience wanting more and he obliged.
The fantastic news is that he’s coming back too at some point in the future! Superb or what?!

To finish, we had another set of open mic performers, starting with a touch of ‘Sit Down’ comedy from Matthew Hadfield. All of the performers we had were incredible. And who were these legends? I hear you cry. They were the following, I reply:

Matthew Hadfield,
Pete Slater
Zoe Jackson,
Greg Nowell
George Melling,

Geoff Bunbury Moriarty's portrait.

Geoff Bunbury Moriarty's portrait.

Geoff Bunbury Moriarty's portrait.

Geoff Bunbury Moriarty's portrait.





Geoff Bunbury Moriarty's portrait.

We had a truly wonderful night and we wish you could have been there.

Geoff Bunbury Moriarty's portrait.

Geoff Bunbury Moriarty's portrait.

The next event is on the 27th. Our headliners are Fiona Nuttall and Benjamin Guifoyle and they will be awesomely amazing so see you there?

Winter Foenander – Aside Effect

Bunbury Magazine – ⭐⭐⭐

Winter Foenander is part of an impressive crop of comedians to have come out of Ireland in recent years. From the very beginning of the show, he was quick to make the audience feel at home in the venue – a marquee. He brought the audience into his show with good warming-up of the crowd and interaction.

His jokes were well-weaved into long anecdotes, segueing between stories and never leaving the laughs far between. And we here at Bunbury always appreciate a Groot reference!

It is going to perhaps be a detriment to this review that we were not able to stay for the entire show, as the laughs build steadily throughout Winter’s narratives.

We also only ever review a show based on the work performer puts in and never review the audience or the venue. It was clear that a good deal of time and talent went into Winter’s show. However, a show of charming stories and laughs such as this was perhaps not suited to the marquee in one of the busiest beer gardens at the Fringe.

We’re hoping to have the chance to catch Winter again at the Fringe. His is a brand of comedy we enjoy.

Winter Foenander – Aside Effect

Part of the Laughing Horse Festival.

The Free Sisters.


*Now Finished*

The Hound of The Baskervilles

The Hound of The Baskervilles – Review

Bunbury Magazine: ★★★★★

This is like no performance I’ve ever seen. With a very relaxed atmosphere from the off and a beautifully constructed set (using real books!) the audience is immediately immersed, breaking the fourth wall utterly. This does not change throughout in the  most delightful way.
It is one of the best parodies we’ve ever seen with exceptional writing and timing.
Two performers take on all roles with ease, never missing a beat and using minimalistic but highly effective props to do so, the narrative is woven easily.

This is a show that has to be seen. It does everything right and is worth every penny of the ticket price.

EdFringe 2017 Interview Questions

Well hello there! Here are the interview questions we asked at the EdFringe this year so if you got a care package from us but lost the questions (oh no!) or have just simply forgotten, (doh!)

FEAR NOT!!! They are here!


  1. First thing’s first, tell our readers about yourself.
  2. How did you get into doing what you do?
  3. What have been the best part of the festival?
  4. Have there been any horror stories?
  5. Have there been any funny moments?
  6. Do you have any hidden talents?
  7. What’s next for you after the Fringe?
  8. Where can we see/hear your stuff?
  9. Other than eating, name three things you would do with peanut butter.

When you send them in, send them to submissions@bunburymagazine.com. Please could you type them up into a word document with your name as the file name and ‘FRINGE 2017’ as the email subject. Also, send pictures. Either of yourself, from your show or flyers or ALL OF THE ABOVE! The space is yours to plug plug plug away so really make it count!

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Rosie Fleeshman – Narcissist In The Mirror. Review


Bunbury Magazine: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This show is filled with excellent full belly laugh humour and a sense of mischief from the off. Rosie works the crowd so well and has the audience hanging off her every word.
There is a sort of, poised chaos to the performance which intensifies the further in we get but it is shot through with warmth.
The use of silence is just as effective and needed as Fleeshman’s spoken word which itself incorporates surprising language usage which trips off her tongue effortlessly.
The piece encompasses what spoken word should be about.
It is brave, charged with emotion and inspiring and is topped off with a very unique voice that suits the tone and writing down to the ground. Close your eyes and you can hear her facial expressions and feel every word.
Narcissist In The Mirror leaves you wanting more and is one of the most beautiful ways to spend time with what I would class as a perfect ending.
If you haven’t seen it, you’re doing yourself a disservice.


Peter Michael Marino – Show Up.


Bunbury Magazine – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


The first and most important thing to say about Show Up, Peter Michael Marino’s  latest one-man show, is that it is not written by nor is it about Peter Michael Marino. This show, as made clear on the flyer, is about the ‘shite life’ of the audience. This is a show that is completely new and fresh every day, written off the back of suggestions from the audience. Because of this, the show is brand new every day.


It would take a brave performer indeed to improvise an entire hour every day on their own. It would take an incredibly funny and intelligent performer to be able to do this. Luckily, Peter Michael Marino is a performer of great intelligence, wit and enough energy to light up the entirety of The Counting House (I think. I’m not an electrician but that seems about right).


The first half of the show is that set up for the improvisation. Peter has eight post-it notes with categories written on them such as ‘Family’, ‘Addiction’ and ‘Childhood’. He takes suggestions from the audience based on these categories, segueing into his own tales then back to the people in the room. This helps draw the crowd in on an immediately personal level.  All of these suggestions build towards the second-half, which is a traditional ‘one-man show’, which perfectly parodies the melo-drama of the form. The inclusive feel in the room is extended when he choose audience members to direct the play and the sound-scaping.


Peter is a deeply engaging performer who always leaves the crowd with a message. This will be the same message I will leave you with here. Just Show Up. You will never see this show again, and you don’t want to miss out!


Peter Michael Marino – Show Up.

Part of The Free Festival.

The Counting House.


Until 27th August.

Written by Christopher Moriarty.

Steve Whiteley – Wisebowm: The Struggle is Real


Bunbury Magazine – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Wisebowm is an urban poet whose struggle is real – the struggle with being the country’s leading urban poet. The struggle with working the nine to five. The struggle with trying to impress the right woman and please his friends and family. This is a musical about struggle.


Steve Whiteley has created a deeply likeable character in Wisebowm, a crackling parody of the faux ‘urban kid rap poet’, with pretensions of being ‘gangsta’ yet actually being achingly middle-class. Steve has perfectly identified the attitude and intricacies of these characters and presented them in a fresh way, via an engaging premise. I have seen many parodies of this type of character before, but have never seen it so well done.


The premise is a musical based around Wisebowm’s last year, and the struggles he has faced. Steve Whiteley uses the poems and music weaved together exceptionally within the narrative, and his performance absolutely fills the room. There is no ignoring Wisebowm when he is in full flow. The production of the music is also stand-out – the music and SFX all timed to comedic perfection.


I never like to make comparisons of one thing to another in these reviews but the narrative of The Struggle is Real, the music and poetry put me in mind of The Streets’ A Grand Don’t Come For Free (a personal note to Mr. Whiteley – I really apologise if this is off the mark of your intentions for the show. That really is one of my favourite albums and you have done a stellar job of parodying it!) Go and see Wisebowm while he is still tearing up the Edinburgh streets with his rhymes. You’ll be his next biggest fan!

Steve Whiteley – Wisebowm: The Struggle is Real

Part of the PBH Free Fringe.



Until 26th.

Written by Christopher Moriarty.

Marjolein Robertson – Relations


Bunbury Magazine – ⭐⭐⭐⭐


As the title of the show would suggest, this is an hour of comedy about relationships brought by Marjolein Robertson from the Shetlands to Edinburgh. From the first moments, with Marjolein comparing her relationship with her Dutch Mother to Brexit, it is clear that she has a natural talent for bringing large-scale issues down to a very personal level, and also amplifying the personal in a great way.


Marjolein has a great stage presence, immediately bringing the audience into her world in a warm and engaging manner. Even when the types of relationships talked about are a little [rude], the crowd is never made to feel uneasy – Marjolein can take the ultra-personal and the sometimes dark and use her intelligences, emotional and comedic, to craft a set full of laughs.


All of this and we are treated to a glimpse of how the BBC series Shetland really should have been written! This is a show that has got something for everyone.

Attila the Stockbroker – Undaunted

Bunbury Magazine –  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I sometimes find it hard to write a review of a spoken word show, especially a review of one by someone as talented and wordly-gifted as Attila – mostly because I get so drawn into the performance and the poems (and a little because I get very envious of the talent.)


It is with a heady mix of the two that I sit to write this review of Undaunted, the Stockbroker’s Edinburgh show in the iconic Bannerman’s. There could not have been a more perfect venue for this punkiest and rockiest of punk-rock poets. This was a quintessential spoken word set – with poems ranging from the political, the NHS, Trump, Grenfell to the deeply personal, of of which was interspersed with laughs, hard-hitting truths and an honesty which drew the audience in. Attila knows exactly how to work a crowd’s emotions, crafting a set and a flow of poems that twists and turns, leaving the audience in pieces afterwards.


All of that is not to mention the words themselves. I could try and be poetic here, describing the man’s talent in a manner befitting the man himself but I doubt I could do him justice so I will leave it with 3 sentences and 3 words: Attila. Is. Phenomenal.

Attila the Stockbroker – Undaunted.

Part of the PBH Free Fringe.



Until 25th.

Written by Christopher Moriarty.