The Bunbury Speaks Podcast!

Hello, is it Bunburyyyy you’re looking for?

Of course it is! And we’re not ones to disappoint, so, here’s Episode 1 to sink your… ears? into?
In this episode we talk to poet, musician and superb human being, Malika Street and hear her section of our story.

During the interview we discuss heady topics like Harry Potter, Peanut Butter, Manchester and the Zombie flavoured end times though, not in that exact order.

Music as per is by the astounding Midlane. Half man, half myth, all legend.
Find out more by clicking on the picture below.
Go on, Clock on his beautiful face, you know you want to…


Here it is, please enjoy. We start the tale which will continue though the podcast.
In this episode you will hear the voices of Keri Moriarty and Christopher Moriarty.
The opening of the story was conceived and written by Christopher Moriarty.

The Bunbury Speaks Podcast was produced by Keri Moriarty for the internet.

The music is by Midlane. Listen to more from him here. Go on, click his beautiful face:

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