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Our submissions inbox is now open! 

Please check below for details of submissions for each category.

Here at Bunbury Magazine we encourage you to send anything from poetry to artwork, flash fiction to graphic story, life writing to photography. We are looking at reviews and non-fiction articles too so anything goes. We do, however, have some guidelines when submitting your work to us.

Our submissions email is:


In the email subject please write ‘BUNBURY SUBMISSION’. When you are emailing, please introduce yourself in the email. Even give us a little bio of yourself too! Please send any writing in a Word 97-2003 document in 12pt Arial. Also, please remember to put your name at the bottom of each piece so we know that it belongs to you! If you are sending more than one piece, please send each submission in a separate word document with the title of the piece as the file name. Please put the title of your piece as the title of the file.


All work published in the magazine remains the copyright of the author/photographer/artist. All we ask is a period of 2 months between issues where we hold exclusive rights to the piece(s) after which you are more than welcome to try and have your work published elsewhere. Please do not submit pieces which have previously been published elsewhere. Also, please do not submit any pieces which are currently being considered for a prize in its field or for publication in other magazines.. For students, please do not submit any work that is currently being marked as part of an assessment as it may cause issues with plagiarism and jeopardise your studies.

Please note also that we ask all who submit NOT to include any of the following in the main body of the piece:
Headers or Footers,
Page numbers,
Addresse(s) of contributor,
Telephone number(s) of contributor.
If you wish to include this information, please include it in the body of the email only.

We will never pass on any of your personal information to third parties in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

N.B – We do not pay those whom we publish in the magazine.

For artists/photographers/graphic novelists:
Please submit any work as 800×600 jpeg images in 300 dpi if and where possible. This is the optimum for our layout editors to work with. Any work submitted will be considered on loan from the artist. We are not purchasing any rights to the artists’ pieces which remain their own.

As for what to submit in each category, here are some more specific details:

Flash fiction – 250 words and 3 submissions

Short stories – 1000 words and 1 submission

Poems – 40 lines and 3 submissions 

Articles – 1500 words and a 200 word synopsis of chosen subject. 1 submission.

Artwork/photography – send as JPEGs. 6 submissions each with optional accompanying synopsis.

Art work submitted to the magazine will be considered ON LOAN from the artist for a period of two-three months from the issue release dates from one publication to the next.

We may not use all pieces submitted as it may be that one piece in particular that stands out. We may however love all of it and feature you as artist of the issue.

All submissions should be in-keeping with the theme of the magazine which will be given on the back of all issues UNLESS, the piece(s) are of an exceptionally high quality. 

Of course, we would never ask an author or artist to limit the quality of their work in order to keep within the limits listed here. They are merely guidelines to help you aim what you are creating to try and keep in with what our vision is for both our own and your progress.

If we accept your piece(s), you agree to being published in the digital and hard print format of Bunbury Magazine.

Also, by submitting to us, you agree to join our mailing list. Don’t worry, we won’t be spamming you! Just keeping you all up-to-date when we have big news and the latest issue comes out.

We hope this has been helpful and we are looking forward to hearing from you all soon.

For even more information, you can look at the interview we did for Jim Harrington and his Six Questions For project below:

Six Questions For Bunbury Magazine

Christopher and Keri.

10 thoughts on “SUBMIT TO US”

  1. Hi, I’d like to submit a piece for your December magazine, but I currently only have word 2013 on my computer – will submitting a document in that form be an issue, as you only specify Word 97-2003?

    1. Hi there, there are links on our webster to download the issues.

      You can submit a single painting, however to showcase an artist, we have found a minimum of 3 pictures works best.

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